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We specialise in all software problems or virus repair and removal. Contact us now for a FREE QUOTATION.


Have you dropped your laptop and damaged the housing or has the hinge broken cracking the casing? We specialise in all laptop repairs and can usually source parts for any laptop make or model. If you have any damage to your laptop that requires repair then contact us now and we will be glad to help.


Our specialist repair service covers all laptops, netbooks & desktops. We repair all makes and models, PCs & Apple Macs right down to component level. We will arrange for your machine to be collected from your address with our nationwide courier. We will provide a quotation before any work is carried out, and we do not require payment up front. Your laptop will be delivered back to you when the repair is complete, usually within 5 working days* or within 48 hours with express service option.

If you have any of these problems below then contact us now for a FREE QUOTATION!


If you’ve been told by another laptop repair company that your motherboard is not repairable or that your laptop requires a new motherboard to be fitted, then contact us now! We repair motherboards right down to component level.

Common faults which usually mean a motherboard fault:


If you having a problem with your laptop and not getting any display on your screen there may be a fault with your graphics card or integrated graphics chipset. This can failure can usually be repaired by having the GPU* reflowed or reballed.

If you have any of the following faults then it’s most like the GPU has failed:

* GPU - Graphics Processing Unit

If you have any of these problems then contact us now for a FREE QUOTATION.

* GPU - graphics processing unit


Have you accidentally knocked or spilled liquid on your laptop? Don’t worry there is usually a good chance this can be repaired. Follow these steps immediately after any liquid spill:

  1. If running on AC power, turn power off at the mains.
  2. Unplug the DC socket connector from laptop
  3. Power down and remove battery
  4. If you have spilled any liquid on the keyboard try drain off as much as possible
  5. Dry off any excess liquid with a paper towel
  6. Do not refit the battery or try to power up laptop again

Contact us as soon as possible - if this is left components will begin to corrode and may cause irreparable damage.


Laptop power faults are sometimes caused by a faulty DC jack, power socket or a damaged power connector pin. Laptop DC socket can become faulty or damaged from repeated tugging or pulling on the DC connector cable. This can also quite easily happen if you trip over a cable which can rip the connector from the DC socket.

Common symptoms of a faulty DC socket:


Have you broken or cracked your laptop LCD screen? We specialise in fitting new LCD screens at very competitive prices.


Is your screen very dark or backlight dim? It’s very likely your backlight or LCD inverter had failed. In some cases the motherboard can be at fault preventing the backlight from working.

Is your screen very dark or backlight dim? It’s very likely your backlight or LCD inverter had failed. In some cases the motherboard can be at fault preventing the backlight from working.

* Please allow up to 10 working days during busy periods.

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